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Yoga Instructor Certification

Yoga Instructor certification

Yoga instructor certification
Yoga instructor certification class in Nepal

Before you make a commitment to take a yoga instructor training course you should read this article. You do not need a certification to teach yoga; however, yoga training at a yoga school can help tremendously in marketing and acquiring the skills required to effectively manage a class. It will also help prevent injuries during your class. Choosing the right Yoga Instructor certification program can be a little challenging, but this blog post will help with that.

Choosing the right yoga instructor training program

If you already have a solid following and clients, your focus should be providing the best service possible or improving your current service. This can be done by taking an advanced training course, or a yoga training course that is highly specialized in a field of yoga.

Yoga Alliance markets themselves as the industry standard for quality yoga. I do not know if this is true, but a few yoga schools will not hire teachers unless they have been trained by a Yoga Alliance approved school. They have a list on their website of approved yoga schools.

There are plenty of very high-quality yoga schools that are not affiliated or approved by Yoga Alliance. If you find a yoga instructor certification program that you like, do not discredit it if they are not connected to Yoga Alliance.

Earning your yoga instructor certification in Nepal

There are a lot of great yoga schools in the US. However, I recommend receiving your yoga training in Nepal or India because these training courses can provide a cultural context for the practice.

Side note: Yoga originated in the Indius Valley (northern India/ Nepal) over 2,000 years ago (the exact date is unknown). Yoga is as much of a spiritual exercise as it is a physical exercise.

There are 8 yoga alliance approved yoga instructor certification schools in Nepal. They are Himalayan yogini, Nepal Yoga, Shanti Yoga Ashram, Yogstars, Himalayan Yoga Academy, Nepal Yoga Academy, Earth Yoga, and Mahalaya. I cannot make a recommendation for any of them though.

Upper Himalayan Treks and Adventure has a great yoga training program, which can be tailored to attendees. The certifications available are the 200 hour instructor training course and the 500 hour instructor training course.

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