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Two trekkers found dead in Sequoia National Park

The importance of hiking or trekking with a guide or a friend

I read an article published in the Visalia Times Delta.  The article identified two dead hikers in the Sequoia National Park.  The hikers were in separate parts of the park and appeared to have died from different causes.  One of the hikers died on the Mt. Whitney Trail, while the other on the Lakes Trail near the Watchtower area.  I wanted to take the time and stress the importance of hiking with a guide or partner.  In both cases a buddy could have saved their life.

I solo hike on occasion.  And I enjoy it a lot, but when I am hiking a risky or unknown area I always bring a friend or hire a guide.  It is part of good standards and practices.  If you are going to trek to Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp, please hire a guide or bring a friend.  Have safe and enjoyable adventures.

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