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raptor and Thamserku
Bird of prey below Thamserku near Namche Bazaar.

On a climbing expedition to Thamserku, you can be sure of catching amazing views of Mt. Everest, Kusum Kanguru, Kangtega are many others. In addition to the stunning mountains, you can see beautiful and lush valley landscapes of the Khumbu region. You will also experience Tibetan Sherpa culture. The priceless scenery is reward enough for the bravery that it takes to embark on such an adventure.


Thamserku is located south east of Namche Bazaar. It is first seen on day 2 of the Everest Base Camp trek. The best view is obtained on day 3 when you acclimate to the elevation in Namche Bazaar.

Thamserku, from Khumjung monastery. (the lower peak is Kangtega)


In the epic Himalayan region of eastern Nepal stands the majestic Mt. Thamserku. A 6,623-meter high (21,729 ft). Thamserku is connected to Kangtega through an eastern ridge. Kangtega further connects to Kyashar via a southern ridge. This ridge then connects with Kusum Kanguru through a western running ridge.

Kangtega and esatern ridge
Kangtega and eastern ridge leading to Thamserku

Climbing Difficulty

Owing to its steep and snowy slopes, the climb to the summit is rated as a highly difficult, and technical. Though the mountain isn’t exceedingly tall, reaching the peak remains a major mountaineering accomplishment. The expedition requires the involvement of well-trained climbers brimming with experience and sound physical fitness. A successful summit needs the forethought and planning of a mountaineering company.


Thamserku and Kangtega

Who was the First to Summit

Mt. Thamserku was first surmounted on its south face in 1964 by Lynn Crawford, Peter Farell, John McKinnon and Richard Stewart. Since then, no one has entirely retraced their route.  But in 2014, Alexander Gukov and Alexey Lonchinskiy reached the summit taking the southwest face. Six camps are essential during this trekking and climbing adventure, and the best months for the expedition here are April and May.

Kususm Kanguru
Thamserku, Kangtega, and Kusum Kanguru


From Kathmandu, Nepal we fly to Lukla. From here, we begin trekking to Phakding. It takes about 4 hours. On day 2 we trek to Namche Bazaar and acclimate. It takes about 5 hours to trek to Namche. On our acclimation day we hike up to Khumjung. After we are acclimated, we trek down the north side of Kumjung to Phunke Tenga. we continue trekking up to 3,660 m (12,000 ft). We finish trekking when we reach base camp.  We begin our climb surrounded by mountains. Our guides set up 6 camps along the north face. We spend the next 19 days making our way to the summit, and back down to Thamserku Base Camp. After we arrive at the bottom of the mountain, we begin trekking again. We trek for another 2 days, stopping in Phakding, and Lukla. Our trek ends in Lukla with memorable experience.

A well-coordinated team can complete this trip including surmounting Mt. Thamserku with an itinerary spanning about a month. Completing a trekking and climbing expedition as challenging as the Thamserku excursion is, no doubt, an adventure and a lifetime experience.


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