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Yoga in Nepal

Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Nepal

yoga in nepal
Peace Corps friends doing yoga in Nepal


This article was written to inform people of what to expect from a Nepal yoga retreat. In general, these activities range from treks through the Himalayas to spa days with detox and internal reflection as a focus. Whichever type of yoga you are into, you can find it in Nepal.

Upper Himalayan Treks and Adventure’s Yoga and Adventure Camp in Nepal

Our yoga and adventure camp provides classes while exploring nature. These courses are held outside and in full view of the Annapurna Mountain range. You can practice hatha yoga at the top of Poon Hill, or Tibetan yoga in Muktinath. The range and variety is dependent on your comfort and skill level. You can expect world class trekking with phenomenal mountain views and not to mention 3 outdoor classes a day.

1) Poon Hill Yoga Retreat

yoga in nepal
Sunrise yoga


This retreat combines a gentle hike to Poon Hill with rejuvenating yoga. Classes are held morning, afternoon and evening with striking views of the mountains. The goal of this retreat is to uplift and energize your energies while bringing balance to your system. Purna yoga is the focus of the trip while the mountains act as inspiration.

2) Australian Camp Yoga Retreat

The Australian Camp retreat is similar to the Poon Hill course but it is much milder. The hike is mild, but the yoga is pure. You will receive boundless amounts of hospitality on this retreat. It is perfect for smiles and poses. The view of the mountains from Australian Camp is distant. This retreat is perfect for internal awareness and getting away from crowds.

3) Annapurna Base Camp Yoga Retreat

This is a phenomenal trip for Hatha yogis. It combines world class hiking with yoga while utilizing the clean and fresh mountain air. The Annapurna Base Camp retreat uses the environment to enhance pranayama techniques while drawing energy from the incredible sights. The hiking day begins with asanas yoga to warm and limber the body while the pranayama conditions the spirit for the upcoming journey. Mid-day lessons focus on the body, while evening lessons are focused on spiritual well-being.

4) Annapurna Circuit Trek Yoga Retreat

yoga in nepal tour
Outside yoga

This is my favorite yoga retreat. Nepal has many outstanding areas to hike, but this one is so much more. It encompasses culture, art, temples, monasteries, history, Buddhism and Hinduism. This is a 120 mile long hike over 16 days.

Each day 3 lessons are provided. The type of yoga taught on the trek changes based on location. It begins with vinyasa flow and power while smoothly transitioning to hatha and meditation. When you reach the Tibetan plateau in Muktinath and Kagbeni you receive lessons in Tibetan yoga.

5) Pokhara Centers for Yoga and Meditation

pokhara classes


If you prefer a sedentary practice, I highly recommend the centers in Pokhara, Nepal. These centers have a full time and specialized yoga guru on staff. Many of the centers have phenomenal reviews and reputations, but please keep in mind that they are not completely westernized.

You can expect various yoga training and mantra chanting at the centers. Ayurvedic diets are provided at most centers.

6) Yoga Teacher Training Course in Pokhara Nepal

The best yoga class for your teaching credential can be found in Pokhara Nepal. The instruction at the facilities combines vedic wisdom in a healing atmosphere with the heart and soul of yoga practice. Two bonuses of taking the training course in Pokhara is Pokhara valley and Phewa lake.

7) Kathmandu Centers for Yoga and Meditation

yoga in nepal
Rooftop yoga


Nepal is amazing, and in many ways Kathmandu is Nepal. The Kathmandu valley holds an incredible amount of joy for yogis. The temples in Kathmandu are historic and beautiful areas to take a class. There are many Nepal yoga retreats that offer exercises in these ancient cities. Other centers offer are strictly inside due to the air pollution.

If you would like some help finding a center in Kathmandu, please contact us and we can find which one fits your needs. You might also want to try the studio tour. It is number 10 on this list.

8) Kathmandu Yoga Teacher Training

The Kathmandu valley is the home for teacher training classes. If you are looking for a teacher training course in Nepal, You will probably find it in Kathmandu. The first yoga retreats in the world were in Nepal. Yogis came from the northern states of India to Nepal during pilgrimage. When they did, they brought the practice to Nepal where they trained more yogis.

9) Yoga Philosophy Tour

If you venture far enough into its practice, you will find yogas’ purpose. It is more than an exercise. It is more than a stretch. It is to bring awareness of ones self into reality. It is part of orthodox Hinduism that teaches people how to improve their selves physically, mentally, spiritually. In this way the yogi reduces the distance from the heart to the mind.

On the philosophy tour, the primary objective is to learn and receive lessons about Hinduism while practicing with a yogi. These lessons are held at health centers, studios, and temples. They include ayurveda principles as well as naturopathy. They are intended to guide people on the path of self-healing and consciousness.

10) Yoga Studio Tour

yoga in Nepal
Studio in Kathmandu, Nepal


If you will be staying in Nepal and want to find a suitable studio to practice at, try the studio tour. This tour visits the different studios in Kathmandu and Pokhara. At each studio, you will receive a one lesson and tour the facilities. This is a great way to identify the “good” teachers and studios in an area.


Yoga retreats in Nepal are abundant. Most of them provide phenomenal services from experienced teachers. If you are having any issues finding the right facility, please contact us. We can find the right teacher and studio for you. We offer outstanding yoga treks and can recommend options to fit your needs. Kathmandu Nepal is a great area for philosophy while Pokhara Nepal is excellent for a western style retreat.

I highly recommend one of the adventure camps. Poon Hill is excellent for beginners, while the Annapurna Base Camp is a great place to work on your breath. Pokhara is great for relaxation, peace, and practices.