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Nepal’s Trekking Fees Increase

Trekking and Visa fees increased for Nepal (August 2019)

Visitors copy
Visitors Copy

Visitors to Nepal must now pay $30 for a 15-day multiple entry visa. This is a $5 increase from the previous $25 fee. The 30-day multiple-entry visa’s price increased from $40 to $50.  The 90-day multiple-entry visa is now $125. It was $100.

Visa and Trekking Fees
Visa and Trekking Fees

The permit fees for Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa are now $500 for the first 10 days and $50 for each subsequent day.
Travelers from the Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Sir Lanka, and Pakistan can enter Nepal free for the first 30-days and $3 per day after that.
However, travelers from SAARC countries, except India and Afghanistan, enjoy free multiple-entry tourist visa for 30 days, and $3 per day thereafter. Indian and Afghanistan citizens are exempt from paying the visa fee.

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