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Saune Sankranti

Saune Sankranti

Shiva temple Pashupatinath in Kathmandu

Saune Sankranti is a celebration dedicated to cleaning. It takes place on the first day of  Shrawan, which was July 17th on the Roman calendar.  On Saune Sankranti participants clean their houses, yards, bodies, and visit a temple dedicated to Shiva, like Pashupatinath temple. On every Monday of Saune, people also go to the Bolbam fair, which is a gathering of people wearing yellow and eating yellow foods. They wear yeallow cloths and eat yellow foods because yellow is Shiva’s favorite color. During this Saune Sankranti participants welcome the Capricorn sign and sing to Shiva.

Saune Sankranti Activities

Pandra Shivalaya
Pandra Shivalaya in Pashupatinath

The primary activity of Saune Sankranti is cleaning because it is believed to push out illness and welcome in good health and long life. Worshiping Shiva during this time is believed to enhance the benefits of cleaning. While people are worshiping Shiva they hit a woven bamboo plate because it is believed to help remove diseases. When this is accompanied by chanting the mantra “Om Na-Mah Shi-Va Om” it is believed to solidify the success of the effort. People also wear Rudraksh beads as a necklace or bracelet, and fast; However eating yellow foods is acceptable.