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Himalayan Hospitality And 10 Reasons To Visit Nepal

Shikhara style temple in Patan Durbar Square

Himalayan Hospitality And 10 Reasons To Explore Nepal

Boudhanath Stupa Nepal
Boudhanath Stupa Nepal

Why should Nepal be in the travelers’ bucket list? Nepal is a God gifted beautiful region with a distinct culture, historical art, natural assets, and lots of trekking places. Here are 10 reasons to explore Nepal like never before:

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Nyatapola Temple in Taumadhi Square
Nyatapola Temple in Taumadhi Square

Nepal has incredible architecture and owns seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most of which are in the Kathmandu region. Sacred temples, pagodas, monasteries, medieval complexes, palaces, mosques… and the list goes on.

Spectacular Hikes and Treks

a rarely visited but extreamly beautiful area on the Langtang trek
Langtang mountains, trekkers and guides

Nepal is a Himalayan country.  It is blessed with the world’s highest and finest hiking treks and trails. Trekkers and mountaineers have plenty of options including Poon Hill, Langtang, Annapurna, and Mount Everest. Tourists can encounter beautiful flora and fauna landscapes.

One of the best experience’s mountaineers can have is hiking in Nepal. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular among hikers. Watching the sunrise over Annapurna Base Camp can be the most stunning views ever seen.

Meet the Friendliest Host

Himalayan Hospitality
Host family poses for picture while doing chores

The Nepali people are exceedingly welcoming and warm. They make sure that their guests feel at home. They never say no to guests when they need help. People never forget the Himalayan hospitality that they received during their visit to Nepal.

Nepali Delicacies

Nepal is rich in cuisines due to cultural diversity. Their food is greatly influenced by the neighboring countries China and India, but still, Nepali food has its uniqueness. Their most famous delicacies include Dal Bhat which is Nepal’s national dish. Dal Bhat contains lentils with curried vegetables and rice and is available at almost every restaurant in Nepal.

Momo (Nepalese dumplings) is also a popular snack and can be bought from any corner of town. It is filled with meat and/or vegetables and is served with a tomato-based sauce. Other famous foods include aloo Tama, dheedo, and chatamari.

Wildlife Experience

rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park
rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park

For the wildlife lovers, visit Chitwan national park which comes in on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal. There you can spot one-horned rhinos, up to 544 bird species, sloth bears, monkeys, deer, majestic Royal Bengal tigers, wild elephants, leopards, crocodile, and many more.

Affordable Trip

Nepal is best for touring on a budget. With a low budget, you can have a great experience. Without emptying your bank account, you can explore the mountains, visit Chitwan National park, or see the world heritage sites. The trip budget also depends on the hotel and transport chosen. However, an average of $27 is needed per day to travel hike.

Safe Destination

Nepal is a safe country to travel to. Of course, a person may encounter a bad situation while in Nepal, but for the most part Nepal is safe for travelers. It is improbable that visitors will have any issue.

Buddha’s Birth Place

Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha, and you can trace the emergence of Buddhism. The shrine is dome-shaped and is the holiest temple and highly sacred for Tibetans. Stages of enlightenment paths are shown in each part of the temple.

Stunning Lakes

Nepal has about 200 glacier fed lakes that are a splendid blue color. Gokyo Lakes in Nepal is the highest freshwater lake in the Khumbu region of Nepal, However Tilicho Lake is the highest freshwater lake system in the world.

Volunteering Opportunity

Two Peace Corps Volunteers in a women’s group.


Nepal is a developing country full of smiling people. Though it is officially illegal for tourists to volunteer in Nepal, it is not enforced. You can find many volunteering opportunities to help and get involved. I did and its made all the difference in the world. If you are interested, you can find more information at

So, when are you visiting Nepal?