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Dinosaur Fossil in Nepal

Geological map of Nepal
Geological map of Nepal

Dinosaur Fossil in Nepal

Dinosaur Fossil in Nepal? well not quite. There were dinosaurs in Nepal, however to date, no fossilized remains have been found. This opens up a unique opportunity for the adventurous paleontologist. Before I get to the opportunity, I write about fossils in Nepal.

The International Mountain Museum in Pokhara has a wonderful display of fossils. These fossils range from microscopic stromatolites, which are cyanobacteria, to prehistoric fossilized elephant teeth. Most fossils found in Nepal are ammonites and bivalves, however plant leaves, fruit, and ancient primates have also been found. This article identifies the plant and animal fossils in Nepal, and presents a challenge to find the first dinosaur fossil in Nepal.

How are fossils formed

There are a few different ways fossils are formed. The most common way is when an organism is buried under sediment in an aquatic environment. Overtime, as more sediment is deposited on the organism, the weight increases causing physical and chemical changes. The hard structures of the organism are replaced with minerals. The surrounding sediment is also changed. It is turned into a stone. Therefore, most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks, like shale, sandstone, limestone and siltstone.

Other types of fossils include small insects and animals trapped in plant sap. This is the foundation for the movie Jurassic Park. In this example, an animal gets stuck in the plant sap and is completely covered by it. The sap then hardens entombing the animal.

Another way fossils are formed is similar to being stuck in plant sap. In this scenario animals get stuck in tar pits. The most popular tar pit in the USA is the La Brea Tar Pit in Los Angeles. La Brea is known for its fossils from the Pleistocene era 40,000 years ago.

Continue reading to find out more about the dinosaur fossil challenge.

Fossil locations in Nepal

The following is a list of fossils and where they were found (if known).

  • Stromatolites- Agaha River, Palpa

    Dinosaur Fossil
  • Bioturbation- Butwal
  • Plant leaves- Surai River, Dang

    Dinosaur Fossil
    Plant leaves
  • Plant leaves- Chidiya River, Butwal

    Dinosaur Fossil
    Plant leaf
  • Plant leaves- Charchare, Palpa
  • Plant stem- Lukundol, Kathmandu
  • Trapa plant fruit- Lukundol, Kathmandu

    Dinosaur Fossil
    Trapa plant fruit
  • Bivalve, tansen
  • Crinoid- Phulchoki, Kathmandu

    Dinosaur Fossil
    cross section of a crinoid stem
  • Brachiopod- Jharkot, Mustang
  • Brachiopod- Kagbeni, Mustang
  • Ammonite- Upper Mustang
  • Ammonite- Jarkot
  • Belemnite- Upper Mustang

    Dinosaur Fossil
  • Ramapithecus (primate)
  • Stegodon tooth- Surai River Dang

    Dinosaur Fossil
    Stegodon molar
  • Animal bone- Lukundel, Kathmandu

    Dinosaur Fossil
    Animal bone

Ok. You’ve read the article and have come to the same conclusion I did. “Where are the dinosaur fossils? They have to be there.” The challenge is to be the first person to find dinosaur fossil in Nepal. Pretty simple. Anyone is welcome to participate in this challenge. If you book a dinosaur fossil hunting expedition through Upper Himalayan Treks and Adventure and find a dinosaur fossil, we will pay for your trip!

If you are interested in visiting Nepal as a paleontologist contact me with the subject Dinosaur fossil hunting.