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Cannabis Tour of Nepal


Cannabis tour of Nepal
Cannabis field

Formerly popular as a paradise for hippies, Nepal has changed a lot since the 60’s but remains a home for the cultivation, sales and distribution of Cannabis. It one of the world’s most weed-friendly countries although officially illegal. Similar to Amsterdam, but without the cost, the Cannabis tour of Nepal will leave you in high spirits.

“Smoke?” “Hashish?” These are common phrases in Thamel, even after marijuana was officially declared illegal in 1973. After it became illegal farmers officially protested declaring that it is an important feed for their farm animals.

The religious and spiritual uses of cannabis by the dread-locked Sadhus, and the Maha Shivaratri festival, and many other reasons have allowed Individuals to continue to “freely” indulge in the use of cannabis.

There are no signboards advertising its availability, only street merchants aggressively demanding you to buy their products. Unfortunately, street venders may lace their hash balls with opium. It was actually sold that way in the 60’s. Thankfully you do not need to look far to get a great tour with honest service in Nepal.


Aside being one of the best locations in the world for paragliding, Pokhara is also known by many as a dream city for good quality marijuana. Hashish, or hash, as it’s popularly called, remains the most commonplace drug in Nepal. It is made from the resin of the cannabis plant and normally consumed by smoking small pieces at a time pipes, chillums, or joints, or simply ingested orally.

If you’re wondering where to get hash in Pokhara, you can get it from the locals in the city center – high quality, pollen hashish, hand-beaten from plants locally grown in gardens in Pokhara and in the surrounding mountains and brought to Pokhara.

Pokhara is also known to be the cleanest city in Nepal, so it’s a breath of fresh air… mixed with good weed.


There is a secret restaurant on the edge of town that offers a drink called bhang lassi. It is a mixture of yogurt, water, spices, milk, and Cannabis. Essentially it is a Cannabis milkshake without ice cream. It can be ordered in strong, medium, and lite.

Trust me… It’s good! I tried the lite and for 3 hours I couldn’t stop giggling. I felt light and breezy, like bubbles. It was a lot of fun.

Though not readily found in local stores, if you ask your tour guide, you’ll be sure to locate the areas where you can find bhanng lassi in Pokhara. You are likely to find it in the small restaurants on the north side of the lake.


Cannabis Tour in Nepal
Juvenile Cannabis garden on a major trekking route

At the end of the growing season, Cannabis farmers separate the cannabis seeds from the flowers. During this process thick layers of waxy, sticky resins and trichomes bind to the farmers fingers and hands. It is then rubbed into balls or noodles and collected. This is the first rub and is generally considered the best because it contains much higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids. It is, therefore, highly sought after.

Nepalese finger hash although not technically finger hash, is also made by rubbing cannabis plant material through various screens to separate the resin glands from the flowers. This is collected and formed into hashish sticks.


It is generally believed that rolling your own tobacco is the best way to smoke. In the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, there are several brands of rolling tobacco available, both local and foreign.

While some complain that the quality of foreign tobacco available in Kathmandu is comparatively low, especially considering how costly it comes, you may want to consider exploring local brands. Local rolling tobacco in Kathmandu comes different forms including bidi, hookah and kakkad, while foreign brands available include Drum, Golden Virginia and Samson, amidst appeals for a smoke-free Kathmandu.

Though most Nepalese men consume some form of tobacco they will often hide it from everyone except their closest friends. This however is not the case for sadhus.

Sadhus smoke hash mixed with rolling tobacco out of a chillum. They will smoke openly in and around temples, especially in Pashupatinath.

This Practice is not only tolerated but also accepted because it is part of their religious practices.


Whatever you do in Nepal, please use caution and consider safety first. Be careful of adulterated cannabis products and the people who might try to take advantage of you.

The best way to avoid these issues is to not seek them out and refuse any offers. But if you must, please do so responsibly. This may include hiring a guide or making friends with a local. You can also just go on a trek. But please do not harvest the farmers flowers without permission. Below is a video of a guy coming across a wild growing Cannabis plant.