Western Tibet Tour


The western Tibet tour is an all encompassing tour package filled with day hikes, cave explorations, visits to heritage sites, monasteries, palaces, and fortresses, and much more. The trip transects Tibet from the east to the west and invites the vast Tibetan landscape to be viewed. The scenery includes the ever-present and magnificent Himalayan mountain range, forests, lakes, deserts, caves, and the Tibetan plateau.

Tibetan culture and life style is experienced firsthand with tours of some of the most prominent and historically important cities, and palaces, and Tsaparang fortress. The palaces toured on the trip include the former residence of the Dali Lama, Potala palace, and Norbulinka palace. An amazing collection of ancient monasteries are also visited including the Bon ruins, Drepung, Palcho, and Tashi Lhunpho monastery and many others. Most of the monasteries display amazing works of art that are representative of their time. Some date back to the 11th century and older.

As the tour continues, more and more amazing areas are visited. Such areas include the cave cities. Some of the caves serve as isolation rooms for monks to meditate in silence. Other caves have never been explored. Still in some of the caves exists murals painted in the 10th century. The tour then turns into a trek that leads through the landscape gaining exquisite views of the mountains, a sacred lake, monasteries, and caves. The trek ends 3 days later and a rest day is taken at Thugje Zinbu (Lake of Compassion). After the rest day the tour moves back to Lhasa to conclude the trip.

Pay a deposit of $330.00 per item


Full Itinerary

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the Tibetan landscape with its many caves, mountains and lakes
  • Visit monasteries, temples, historical sites
  • Go on a three day Trek


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