Courtright Reservoir Mt. Goddard Hike


This 5 day out and back hike to Mt. Goddard from Courtright Reservoir is an Amazing wilderness adventure. You will traverse backwood’s trails through the high Sierra National Forest, circumnavigate lakes, ford rivers, scale a canyon, and climb to the summit of a 13,568 foot tall peak. This experience is highlighted by massive granitic domes and powder blue lakes that spring up in a beautiful fir and pine forest.

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Mt. Goddard Hike

The Mt. Goddard Hike from Courtright Reservoir is a phenomenal local and challenging hike. It is 5 days long, and traverses backwood’s trails through the high Sierra National Forest, circumnavigates lakes, fords rivers, scales a canyon, and climbs to the summit of a 13,568 foot tall peak. Massive granitic domes and powder blue lakes trace the trail through a beautiful fir and pine forest. The highlight of the trip comes on day 3 when you summit Mt. Goddard for amazing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Trip Highlights

  • Have amazing views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range
  • See Mt. Whitney
  • Experience backpacking in the mountains
  • Hike through beautiful forests
  • Trek through the Goddard Divide

Trip Overview

The Courtright Reservoir mount Goddard hike begins at the trailhead on the South East side of the lake, just past the damn and Helms Creek. The trail begins on the Maxson Trailhead, which after a few miles splits into the Hobler Lake and Post Corral trails. We follow the Corral trail for 3.5 miles until reaching the North Fork junction of the trail to the Kings River. From here we stay left an merge on to the Hell for Sure Pass and hike past 2 more lakes. After 8 more miles we descend into Goddard Canyon. After about 7 miles of hiking we pass Martha Lake just under mount Goddard. The last push to summit Mount Goddard is worth every bit of effort. From the top of the mountain we have unobstructed views of the High Sierra Mountains. We start the journey home after our summit. It takes 2 days to get back.

Full Itinerary

Day 01: Meet guide in Fresno and carpool to Shaver Lake for breakfast. After eating we continue driving to Courtright and begin hiking. We camp near Fleming Lake.

Day 02: Hike through Red Mountain Basin passing disappointment lake and Hell for sure Lake and into the Goddard Divide. We camp at Martha Lake.

Day 03: Summit Goddard Mountain if conditions permits us access. We continue camping at Martha Lake.

Day 04: (Optional second attempt to summit) Follow the route back and camp near Disappointment Lake

Day 05: We complete our wilderness adventure after a short walk back to Courtright Reservoir.

On our way home we can stop in at Shaver Lake for food.

You can read about a day hike to Hobler Lake here. This trail is North East of Dinkey Creek.




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