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Healing with shamanism

Healing with shamanism

To heal and the healer: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

We certainly live in a time of uncertainty. For a lot of us that means a higher degree of anxiety and fear of loosing what we’ve worked so hard to gain. These feelings are completely normal especially during a crises. Maestra Paloma Cervantes is a shaman at the Institute of Shamanism and Curanderismo. She has created online classes to help us use shamanism to heal our fear and anxiety. This article is a review of her free class.

(disclosure: I work with Paloma in organizing spiritual trips in Nepal. I am not receiving any compensation for this article.)

How do you prepare for Shamanic Healing?

Paloma starts the course by telling her students what they can expect from the course and what to do after they take the course. She begins with an organized teaching structure. she is composed, relaxed, happy, and powerful almost in a meditative state.

She asks her class to prepare their space before they begin the shamanic healing process. Preparation consists of getting comfortable, clearing their area of distractions and preying to your deity to remove all obstacles to healing. She invites you to prey to your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and any gods or goddesses.

Paloma begins the class with an introduction of shamanic energy and spiritual healing.

The soul can be more powerful than any physical body. With care, people can harness the souls energy to heal their bodies. However, the power of spiritual healing is limited to the power of the body. Shamanic healing cannot take the place of emergency care or superscribed medications.

Paloma begins the healing session by bringing awareness to the signs and symptoms of anxiety and fear. She explains the feelings and how to recognize them.

The practitioner should know and understand their own body, its abilities, and limitations. After the identification of the emotion (fear or anxiety), Paloma recommends healing actions.

One activity Paloma recommends is crafting an Awakening the Healer in You jar. I am not going to spoil it for you, but it is fun, builds positive energy, drafts power, and I highly recommend it. It is great for handling stressful situations and PTSD.

As Paloma transitions from physical actions to take she conjures the most important element in spiritual healing. She shows you how to wake up your heart energy/ chakra. She shows you how to connect your energy to your soul and spirit.

She ends section 2 of her class with identifying acupressure points to touch or message. Pressing the physical points will calm your soul. You can see it working in the demonstration. For the Star Trek fans, you can see the Vulcan nerve pinch in action.

Section 3 of the class is involves meditation, breathing exercises, and prayer. You are supposed to stay awake during this part, but I cant help but to fall asleep. It is that good! the shamanic healing for stress and anxiety should be completed by the end of section 3. Your physical body should be completely relaxed without fear and anxiety at the end of the session.

What happens during a shamanic healing session

During a shamanic healing session you ground your body and your power while elevating your soul and connecting it to the spirit world. You identify your concerns and with the help of a shaman you find a way to remiss the concern through a shamanic practice.

the practice can be in the form of an elaborate ceremony lasting longer than 20 hours, or as simple as a walk around your neighborhood. Shamanic healing is extremely unique and tailored to the person, and situation, and shaman. The best way to find out what happens during a shamanic healing session is to attend one.

Paloma’s free online course is an excellent introduction into the world of shamanic healing.

Some indigenous cultures in North and South America use hallucinogenic plants to incite the spirit world. These plants are not used at the Institute of Shamanism and Curanderismo. Paloma does not permit the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other mind altering substances at her classes.

Sign up for a course

If you are even a little bit interested please sign up for one of her online classes.

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