Trekking Etiquette Guide

Useful Information regarding the trek and etiquette

Guide and Porter

Our trekking guides have a tremendous amount of experience. They speak English and will do their best to ensure your trek is amazing. Our guides reserve the option to choose the best places to stay overnight. Our guides also reserve the right to take extra rest time due to inclement weather. Our guides may also make the decision to stop a trekker from continuing if the physical condition of the trekker is in poor condition or has potential to cause injury to his or her self or group.


Guest house etiquette requires trekkers to buy food from the guest house where they are staying. Our guides have stayed in all the guest houses and can attest to which ones serve the most delicious and most hygienic food. The guest houses have a standard menu, which is set by a management committee. People may request specialty dishes, but it may not be what is expected.

Medical Facilities

Trekkers are responsible for their own health. We recommend that they carry their own medication with them. In certain circumstances they may rely on their guides for help. However it is ultimately the responsibility of the trekker to provide healthcare or the arrangement of a health care provider.


Due to the common occurrence of power outages, guest houses cannot guarantee the availability of electricity. When electricity is available, people are allowed to charge electronic devices at an hourly rate.

Drinking water

Bottled water is commonly available along trails. A general rule of thumb is things become more expensive as progress is made on a trek. It is recommended that water purification filters or chemicals be brought.

Telephone and internet

Foreigners can purchase Nepali phones and phone services. Internet is available on smart phones. Internet and phone service may be available beginning some treks but are often not available towards the end of a trek.

Emergency evacuation

In the case of an accident or serious illness, emergency evacuation can be arranged through a helicopter service. We recommend all travelers in Nepal buy insurance to cover the cost of search and rescue.