Melong Mirrors

Tibetan mirror pendant
Tibetan Hand Craft
3” Brass Melong Mirror

Melong mirrors are used in shamanic rituals, and ceremonies to help protect the shaman from ill spirits.  Melong pendants are also used as symbols for clarity, wholesome or complete perception, and purity.  Melons are hand made in Tibet and are sometimes referred to as Tibetan mirror pendants because melong means “mirror” in Tibetan.  Tibetan melongs are traditionally hand crafted in brass, however their production is waning due to western medicine.  You can find melong mirrors for sale in rural Tibetan shops in Nepal and Tibet.

Upper Himalayan Treks and Adventure is partnering with the Tibetan shaman community to bring you melongs and shamanic artifacts.  When you become our patron, you help keep this cultural heritage alive.   For more information about melongs you can visit Wikipedia. For more information about Tibetan culture and spiritual teachings please visit International Dzogchen Community

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